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The Memories for Eternity campaign conveys the life experiences of the elderly. In order to increase the quality of life of the elderly, during May we hung out with five 65+ people who told us about their professional work, lifestyle, goals and achievements and shared tips for the younger generations.

The campaign is implemented as part of the three-year program RE-GENERATION (Revitalization of the quality of life of the elderly) funded by the Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family and Social Policy. We are implementing the project in partnership with the Home for the Elderly Pešćenica and the Komarevo Rehabilitation Center.

We thank the State Archives in Zagreb for giving ust the chance to record videos in a beautiful interior, and we have only words of praise for our interlocutors for their excellent cooperation.

Watch the videos with artist Vladimir Vrljić Ankin, graphic unionist Dragutin Črljenec, architect Božidar Štambuk, pilot Zlatko Kurjaković and activist Ivana Radić.

It was a real pleasure listening to stories about growing up, schooling, perseverance in achieving life goals and sharing experiences.

You can watch all videos on our YouTube channel.