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The Center for Cultural Activities was successfully established with the aim of promoting and connecting artists, especially young artists, education on cultural values ​​and values ​​of European multiculturalism, especially youth education, promotion and preservation of cultural diversity, promotion of European cultural identity, development and promotion of cultural cohesion among European countries and citizens, raising awareness and promoting quality of life through the affirmation of youth culture, the creation of new cultural values, as well as a better society in general.

CKD considers the protection of human rights to be a fundamental cultural value. In the implementation of projects, it cooperates with numerous CSOs and institutions from Croatia, the region and Europe.

CKD is continuously working on numerous projects aimed at socially vulnerable groups: young people from alternative care, single mothers and fathers, national minorities, people from poor socio-economic groups.

CKD implements projects alone or in partnerships and with the active support of individuals, through workshops, seminars, audio-visual productions and media campaigns.

In addition to the goals and activities of the association, the Center for Cultural Activities has in recent years successfully implemented projects as a holder or as a partner.