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The basic objective of the program is to prove that social entrepreneurship in Croatia is possible, economically viable and at the same time socially useful.

Project POP-UP entrepreneur

For its entrepreneurial activities, Centre for cultural activities has chosen an area where it shows significant results – audiovisual (AV) production and planning and implementation of socially beneficial campaigns – to ensure that economic effects are acceptable. On the other hand, Centre for cultural activities introduces audiovisual production and public campaigns aimed at significant social values (prevention of discrimination, care for the environment, fostering social solidarity). In the public field of campaigning and accompanying AV productions are still often discriminatory (towards women, the elderly, minorities) or encouraging values that are contrary to social solidarity. Therefore, through its future social entrepreneurship, Centre for cultural activities introduces and emphasizes a new dimension in public space, not only in activities aimed at fostering social entrepreneurship, but also in everyday, customary campaigns that will be based on social solidarity, environmental protection, affirmation of equality even though they are intended for marketing a product, such as shoes. In addition, the area of AV production is very rarely associated with social entrepreneurship as an activity. The introduction of this activity shows that social entrepreneurship can be organised in all areas of the economy that meet social criteria (e.g. campaigns for arms producers, illegal substances, harmful and other legal pesticides or for environmentally neutral products, Centre for cultural activities will not carry out even if they are very well economically justified).

The project was financed by the Operational Programme “Effective Human resources” 2014  ̶  2020, the European Social Fund and the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs.

ESF funds