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The aim of the programme is to provide young people with all necessary information, skills and knowledge to become satisfied and productive members of a society that respects human rights and respects other people’s rights.

Project Smart No to Violence

Smart No to Violence contributes to the reduction of all forms of violence against and among children and young people by providing digital, available, free video content for children and young people on how to respond to violence – to which they are exposed – and instructs them to use existing protection mechanisms. This reduces the possibility of escalating violence among children and youth and prevents further development of violent behaviour.

The project is implemented with the financing of the Ministry of Labour, pension system, family and Social Policy as of 1 June 2020.


To Live Independently project

The project To Live Independently was implemented with financial support from the Ministry of Demography, family, Youth and Social Policy from December 2019 until the end of May 2020.

The project aimed at young people without adequate parental care who leave all forms of the system and become independent.

Two animations were made as part of the project: “How to cook healthy and cheap?” and “Run personal finances”.

Video animations give young people, in a popular and understandable way, advice for the successful independent life, proper and economical nutrition and the conduct of personal budgets.

'Living independently'