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Total value of the project:
479.920,00 kn

Amount of EU co-financing:
407.932,00 kn (85 %)

The project is implemented from 3rd of February 2021 until 3rd of February 2022.

Contact person:
Sanjin Hasanefendić
, Project Manager,

The content of the material is the sole responsibility of the Open Media Group.


Digital media have become the main space for expression and action of young people, a good part of the activities of everyday life has been digitized and has become widely available. The digitization of art and culture is taking place accordingly.

The Centre for Cultural Activities is a partner to the Open Media Group, which in February this year started the implementation of the one-year project Art(ve)šeraj! Art(ve)šeraj!, which is financed from the European Social Fund and the budget of the Republic of Croatia.


The purpose of the project is to enable young people throughout Croatia to develop their talents and give them the opportunity to create works of art under the online supervision of a mentor. Free online workshops, accompanied by a learning platform and presentation of artwork, will contribute to the development of their digital skills necessary for the realization of art in the 21st century.
Extraordinary circumstances caused by the COVID-19 epidemic prevented physical access to artistic and cultural activities for members of all social groups, which left extremely negative consequences on young people.

With this project, we will organize several weeks of online workshops for young people aged 15 to 25 from five areas of culture and art: music, creative writing, filmmaking, painting and fashion design.

The works of art created in these workshops will be transferred to a digital platform, where both participants and visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the exchange of ideas, content and vote for the best work of art. All works will have the opportunity to be part of the competition on the platform itself. From each group, visitors will choose the work they like best, and then those works will be presented to the general public.

Open Media Group with the project Art(ve)šeraj! Art(ve)šeraj! wants to encourage mutual solidarity, creativity and establish a support system for young people in Croatia. Through structured workshops, we will provide free learning of professional art techniques, access to a number of quality content and provide young people with the opportunity to show their talent. We will motivate young artists, especially amateurs who have never had the opportunity to learn artistic techniques in a professional environment and work on their skills. Involving young people in artistic processes, while incorporating elements of their own culture into education, develops in each individual a sense of creativity and initiative, rich imagination, emotional intelligence and moral “compass”. The ability to think critically, a sense of independence and freedom of thought and action. In this way, young people are directly encouraged to find their own ways of expression and knowledge of their own thought processes.

To achieve all this, we are guided by the basic idea on which the whole project is based on – an individualized approach to each young person who will participate in this project.