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Project name:

Name of the user:
Centre for Cultural activities

Total value of the project:
1.098.786,78 kn

Amount of EU co-financing:
933.968,76 kn

The project is implemented from 6th of October 2020 until 5th of April 2023.


The Centre for Cultural activities signed a grant contract for the project POP-UP entrepreneur, on 6th of October 2020. The project is co-financed by EU funds from the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy.

The POP-UP entrepreneur project is planned around one general objective: to prove that social entrepreneurship in Croatia is possible, economically viable and at the same time socially useful. Therefore, for its entrepreneurial activities, the CKD has chosen an area where it shows significant results – audiovisual (AV) production and planning and implementation of socially beneficial campaigns – to ensure that economic effects are acceptable. CKD introduces audiovisual production and public campaigns aimed at significant social values (prevention of discrimination, care for the environment, fostering social solidarity).

  • By its implementation, a POP-UP entrepreneurship will:generate new jobs for members of socially vulnerable groups with average salaries
  • implement a practical, innovative and sustainable project with the aim of developing communities
  • contribute to the future financial sustainability of applicants by producing socially responsible campaigns
  • contribute to social cohesion in a very divided Croatian society