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In 2000, the UN issued the “Millennium Resolution” on basic values ​​- freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature and shared responsibility.
From the resolution, 8 millennium goals were developed, which were to be achieved by 2015.

Source: UN

Many were achieved to a greater or lesser extent, but it was not enough, so for the period up to 2030. 17 strategic goals were developed, each with sub-goals and performance indicators.

As of August 2015, 193 countries have agreed on the following seventeen goals and their 169 associated targets.

The Sustainable Development Goals encompass a wide range of challenges and interrelated economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable development. They are universally applicable and interrelated, and require all stakeholders in society to take responsibility and contribute to solving these challenges, whereby the important role of the business sector is particularly emphasized.

The goals are as following:

Source: UN / Prof. dr. sc. Mislav Ante Omazić, Dr. sc. Paul Stubbs, Prof. dr. sc. Majda Tafra-Vlahović