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The Centre for Cultural Activities ran the campaign Smart NO to Violence project. 10 one-minute video animations about different forms of peer violence were shared on the association’s Instagram and Facebook page.

With this campaign, we tried to inform young people about various forms of peer violence and educate them on how to react, protect themselves and prevent peer violence.

Animations are available on our YouTube channel.

Animations and educational materials for workshops with animations were sent to all primary schools in Croatia, and the feedback was excellent. Over 70 schools across the Republic of Croatia have shown animations to students and plan to use them in the future when working on peer violence prevention in school.

The animations have been viewed over 20,000 times on social networks.

Animations send a very important message to children and young people – violence is not acceptable behavior, and the role and reaction of observers to violence is the key to preventing violence between children and young people!

The campaign was implemented as part of the Smart NO to Violence project funded by the Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family and Social Policy during 2021.