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The Center for Cultural Activities signs a contract with Croatian Radio Television for investment in the production and use of a documentary film with the working title “THE GOLDEN HOUR RULE”, according to the script by Tomica Bajsić and directed by Ivona Juka, for a duration of 52 minutes.

According to the approved script, the film will be shot and delivered by February 1, 2023. The documentary tells the story of the military medical ambulance that cared for the wounded during the Homeland War from the front line.

In order to save the wounded, doctors organized evacuation routes and accepted the wounded within the time limit that the profession calls the rule of the golden hour. Special surgical and anesthesiology teams were formed from volunteers who improvised reception units on the very front line. Most of them put their lives in danger because they were operating on the battlefield, or in the range of enemy artillery. Like soldiers in battle, they often looked death in the eye, that’s why they are equally responsible for the defense of the Republic of Croatia and proudly bear the status of veterans. However, they remained neglected.

The documentary film is produced as part of the social entrepreneurial activities of the Center for Cultural Activities in accordance with the ESF project POP UP entrepreneur.