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The Centre for Cultural Activities conducted a campaign of the project “Living Independently” with the financial support of the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy during 2020. The campaign was aimed at young people without adequate parental care who are leaving all forms of the system and are soon starting to live independently.

The animations “Managing personal finances” and “How to cook healthy and cheap” were shared on the association’s social networks and sent to Community Service Centers and associations working with young people in the Republic of Croatia.

The campaign reached over 20 000 views on the association’s Facebook page.

The animations were intended for young people without adequate parental care because when they turn 21 they have to leave the care system. Animations enables the acquisition of practical knowledge about the skills needed for successful independent living and gives advice to all other young people who become independent, whether it is independent living due to moving to another city to continue their education or simply starting an independent life in which they depend on their own income and have to take care of the household.

Here’s what can be done to reduce your costs:

You can reduce food costs by planning meals, buying seasonal fruits and vegetables, going to stores organized with a shopping list, and buying larger packages. You can reduce the cost of clothes by following sales, buying at flea markets or second-hand clothing stores, and not buying impulsively. You can reduce transportation costs by using public transportation, cycling, sharing a car, or walking.

The 50/20/30 rule means: Set aside 50 percent of your salary for necessary living expenses such as food, housing, and clothing. Set aside 20 percent of your salary for savings, to achieve your financial goals, create a fund for unforeseen situations and a pension. 30 percent of the salary remains for variable expenses such as outings and travel.

A healthy diet is considered to be the consumption of nutritionally valuable food from all food groups in the recommended amounts. Planning daily meals saves time, money and preserves health. The first step to a healthier diet is to do weekly shopping and devise a weekly diet plan. It is useful to cook several times a week and freeze food for other days of the week. Also, it is important to organize your pantry, freezer and stock up on fresh, dry and frozen food of all food groups.

'Living independently'